Pischel Conrad Bootsbau

2.5 - 3.0 - 3.3 Diver R.I.B.-Line

Professional foldable inflatable boats for demanding conditions. Like all R.I.B-LINE Models, the Diver is manufactured exclusively in Hypalon. With many solid fittings, reinforcements for divers and a foldable keel.

The Diver R.I.B-LINE boats can be delivered with an electric air pump on request. This makes packing and unpacking much easier and quicker.

So contact us for your next Diver R.I.B-LINE Today.

Technische Daten

Model:2.5 DIVER3.3 DIVER
Breite mit/ohne Luftü.A.(m)1,501,65/-
Basisgew.ab (kg)***3865
Zuladungzzgl. (kg)196236
MotorleistungMax. (kW/PS)5,9/818,4/25
MotorgewichtMax. (kg)3052
* LY3 Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
** LY3 Offshore Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
*** Je nach Ausstattung
**** Zzgl. Badeplattformen