Pischel Conrad Bootsbau

3.8, 4.4 and 5.0m Diver R.I.B.-Line

With a more prominent V-keel which was designed for foldable inflatable boats. It cuts through the water with more ease so covering greater distances is easier.

They are suitable not only as a tender, but also as a touring boat for the whole family. Dust boxes, control consoles, upholstery and bimini tops are popular options.

For the larger Divers we recommend the optional Electric Pump Turbo XL for easy unpacking and packing.

So contact us for your next Diver R.I.B-LINE Today.

Technische Daten

Model:3.8 DIVER4.4 DIVER5.0 DIVER
Breite mit/ohne Luftü.A.(m)1,75/-1,85/-2,20/-
Basisgew.ab (kg)***75119179
Zuladungzzgl. (kg)2754501132
MotorleistungMax. (kW/PS)18,4/2522/3044/60
MotorgewichtMax. (kg)5265120
* LY3 Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
** LY3 Offshore Rescueboat Zertifizierung optional (gegen Aufpreis)
*** Je nach Ausstattung
**** Zzgl. Badeplattformen