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MV 500 R.I.B.-Line

MV 500

The MV 500 is a giant in the 5m class. It has a wide bow locker. Additional stowages are located under the Console. In the stern the anchor box is more than adequate for larger anchors.

Sunbathers have the choice between a bow and the aft laying areas. The front laying area is kept wide due to the beefy shape of the bow. The aft reclining area can be set up by simply folding over the driver's backrest.


The MV 18 is a completely new boat concept in the 5.5 class with regard to the interior layout. On both sides, as well as aft, the MV 18 has a padded lounger under each of which there are large struts to access the storage locker.

The Console and the driver's seat with a standing / sitting function have exceptionally good ergonomics. The modern Console also boasts a sporty performance design.

The MV500 & MV18 comes with a 90 L built-in tank, which is installed under the cockpit, in the boats centre. This also results in an extraordinarily favourable centre of gravity.

These boat hulls are manufactured using ultra-modern vacuum infusion technology, resulting in a maximum weight reduction with increased strength. Thanks to the sandwich construction, an increase in the shapes stability and shock resistance is achieved. The low weight ensures optimum handling at sea and on land when towed.

Above-average driving performance even at low engine speeds. The range increases and the fuel consumption is significantly reduced.

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Technische Daten

Model:MV 500
Breite mit/ohne Luftü.A.(m)2,39/-
Basisgew.ab (kg)**410
Zuladungzzgl. (kg)810
MotorleistungMax. | empfohlen (kW/PS)84/115
MotorgewichtMax. (kg)195
Gewichte und Zuladung abhängig von der Ausstattung! Vorbehaltlich Irrtum oder zwischenzeitl. Änderung!
* B-Zertifizierung optional
** Je nach Ausstattung
*** Zzgl. Badeplattformen
**** Inklusive/mit Badeplattform