Pischel Conrad Bootsbau

8.5 GTO Cabin R.I.B.-Line

7.5m & 8.2m Premium R.I.B-LINE.

These are the largest in our Premium R.I.B-LINE. Both perform very well in rough water with their high performance Hulls.They are rather identical and differ mainly in their overall length.

Both Trailer friendly boats boasting extraordinary generous space due to their wider internal width reserved usually for much larger boats.

Plenty of space on board means plenty of space to relax. Despite its very wide central steering console the lateral passageways are generously designed. The steering console comes equip with space for a WC (Electric toilet or Portable options available) or can be used as a room for additional storage.

Aft Seating can comprise of an L- or U-shaped seating configuration both options have port access to the bathing platform.

Great for Families travelling with younger children or anyone wanting a more safer walking passage around the boat as there is an integrated higher Gunwale running along both Port and Starboard of both these Models.

Skipper seating can be individually designed, since every customer has his own personal preferences and options for windlass can also customised. Please contact us to discuss your ideas.

Decking is fitted Stern of the RIB in all Single Engine versions which is great for cooling off after sunbathing and the optional telescopic ladder and shower are great for swimmers coming back onboard. On request a Twin Engine option is also available.

This is a Premium R.I.B-LINE so everything from Military-Grade Hyperlon, Double Fender profile run along the entire length of the tubes, double sealed seams for added longevity. Optionally, we supply a weather-resistant T-Tops for both models and integrated pantry with fridge, cooker and sink to name a few.

So contact us today for your next 7.5m or 8.2m Premium R.I.B-LINE.

Technische Daten

Model:8.5 GTO Cabin
Breite mit/ohne Luftü.A.(m)3,15/2,50
Basisgew.ab (kg)**1750
Zuladungzzgl. (kg)3587
MotorleistungMax. | empfohlen (kW/PS)368/500
MotorgewichtMax. (kg)600
Gewichte und Zuladung abhängig von der Ausstattung! Vorbehaltlich Irrtum oder zwischenzeitl. Änderung!
* B-Zertifizierung optional
** Je nach Ausstattung
*** Zzgl. Badeplattformen
**** Inklusive/mit Badeplattform